Hello and welcome to my website.

I established Keenote Productions in 2000 when music and video work was becoming more than just a hobby.  My primary focus was on composing score music for independent films and video productions but more recently I’ve moved into shooting my own documentaries and promotional videos.

I have produced music scores for feature-length independent films as well as shorter pieces for the showreels of presenters, animators and DJs.  I also produce the accompaniment music for the videos I shoot if it is needed.

Kee Chromatone BTS

Behind the scenes on Chromatone’s music video shoot

The inspiration for Keenote Productions is in reflecting the here and now in a way that will be absorbing in the future. To that end, I would consider hitting the record button for anyone wishing to achieve the same.

Last year I produced Series 1 of a personal documentary series on mixed race people living in Britain, entitled Mixed Race Portraits.  After receiving a positive response to it, I am pleased to announce that Series 2 is in the pipeline.

Please feel free to browse the video projects under each of the links, and thank you for taking the time to visit my page.

Kee Lewis