My latest personal project is a documentary series entitled Mixed Race Portraits.   Each programme will comprise of an interview with a mixed race person, or a couple who are of different ethnic backgrounds who speak openly about their identity and experiences.
I hope that the series will act as a reference for mixed and non-mixed people alike, who can find similarities in the experiences of each interviewee, and find that in an increasingly diverse society we’re not as different from each other as we might think.
After a protracted hiatus from my passion project, I am pleased that Series 2 of Mixed Race Portraits has now officially started.
Andrea is of Jamaican and English heritage and she speaks openly about her experiences as a mixed race person living in Birmingham and London.  It’s difficult to meet a more accommodating person and she was perfect for kicking off Series 2.

Jing, from mainland China, speaks about settling in the UK with her English husband Adrian. They both share their views on cultural similarities and the influences their backgrounds will have on their new born daughter.

Viv, a British born French-Iranian talks about the attractiveness of skin shades and the difficulty of keeping equally in touch with the heritage of both parents:

Josh, an English-Indian describes his experiences growing up as a mixed race person in Britain; touching upon skin colour, ethnicity sections on forms and whether there’s a need to categorise ourselves by race anyway: