After following Sheraz on his stand-up journey for three years now, I’ve had a first-hand insight into the highs and lows that come with breaking into the UK comedy scene.

I’ve got to know not just a funny man, but how the seeds of a comedy skit are formed through everyday experiences and how they can (and sometimes can’t) come to fruition on the mic.

This short documentary looks at the early stages of his career, when even a motorcycle crash couldn’t hold him back from getting out there and fulfilling his ambition.

What Sheraz says:

“I worked with Kee for my on-location videos used to promote my stand up comedy gigs. He incorporated all my ideas no matter how ambitious, and turned around the finished edits within a very short space of time. I really couldn’t consider working with anyone else…”



An aspiring comedian overcomes a motorcycle crash to persevere with his ambition of breaking into the UK comedy scene.